Giving a bad gift can hurt the recipient`s sentiment. In the UK, a Brit spends around pounds 500 on gifts on the festive season; the Americans spare around $650 annually for the same purpose. Giving a gift is an excellent way to show your love and affection and fortify the relationship, but a less than stellar gift have the opposite effect. Choosing a bad gift can have a hazardous effect on the relationship as it shows you do not have anything in common. Some psychologists even advocate undesirable gifts can negatively impact the relationship. Spending a princely amount does not guarantee the recipient will be happy.

Money cannot buy time and love

A giver, when spends a fortune on a gift, expect the receiver to appreciate it. Spending more does not ensure thoughtfulness care; the receiver may not appreciate the gift on an emotional level. Money cannot buy time and love. It is widely presumed buying an expensive gift wins the heart of the receiver, but there is no evidence that the recipient will be sensitive to the tag of the gift when they figure out how much they are going to enjoy the gift. Market gurus who are proficient in decision making and consumer behavior accept that you may have a financial threshold to buy the gift. Once you reached the limit, it does not matter what price you pay for the gift, the gift itself matter. Sometimes a bar of simple chocolate makes more impact than a diamond ring. Know more in the cuddl blog here.

If you share something common

When a giver gives a gift, the person wants to picturised the glee on the recipients’ faces at that moment. But a recipient values the gift on how much value they derive from it over a longer time period. If you share something common, emphasize that shared ground while choosing a gift. It may not seem appealing to gift a Netflix subscription to a friend or family member, but the person may enjoy it since the gift has an intrinsic value. A genuine leather language could evoke excitement to the recipient if he/she loves travelling.

Most of the time, you want to give a unique gift. While buying a gift, you focus too intently on the personal traits of the person. This too specific focus can ignore other wants and needs of the person, which may lead to buy inappropriate gifts. You tend to buy different gifts for different people; they all may be happy to get it but might never compare the gift among them. In order to be an excellent gift-giver, people erroneously try to give diversify gifts, even at the cost of giving the best gift. You often tend to ignore buying something which you possess because it could dampen your sense of individuality. It is an excellent idea to start with something you have in common with the loved ones.

Summing up

People are always better while buying something for them, so if you have a common interest with somebody, buy something which evokes the shared interest. Sometimes an experimental gift can open a fountain of happiness and bring you two closer. For more information read the cuddl blog here.