The escape rooms are a super hit among people of all ages and sizes, and turning it into a virtual affair is the cherry on top. Being away from family or friends isn’t easy, missing every event, every party. Or managing a team bond between a team that has never met is the most cumbersome task for the team leader. The Virtual Escape Room Singapore solves this problem with a click.

Enjoy an online adventure with your family and friends, or help the team build trust with the new game format.

The Three Main Pillars Of Escape Room:

  • Teamwork: Teamwork is one of the skills that is required to win the adventure game. One can accomplish the goal and win against the clock only if the entire team is together. Strategizing, planning, assigning roles, knowing the strengths of your partner and their weakness too, and solving the puzzles together as a team is what makes this game one of the best team-building skills games.
  • Communication: Communication is the second pillar of the Virtual Escape Room Singapore One needs to communicate and coordinate to solve the problem.
  • Bonding: It is the perfect bonding game as it causes people to draw their skills and experiences to think out of the box. They get to know what the other is good at and work together towards one goal.

Who should be a part of the virtual escape rooms:

Anyone who wishes to go on an adventure, solve problems and find clues while sitting on the comfortable chair at their place is welcome to be a part of the Virtual Escape Room Singapore.

The game is a new way of storytelling. It is an interactive story and allows you to change the outcome by winning it. And what’s better is it provides a chance to do this with your loved ones and colleagues. So the game not only forms memories. It also leaves behind lessons on team building, communication, and the importance of bonding.