Art jamming is an activity that is done collectively as a group to achieve one unique art piece. It is simply the combination of art and music. When you are at a workshop, you will be relieved of stress, you will learn creative skills, artistic skills, stay motivated, and have as much fun as possible. Although many people are adapting to the idea of art jamming, many do not believe that art jamming is good for them. This is because they have many misconceptions about the whole thing. Here are some of the misconceptions that you should avoid about art jamming Singapore.

It is difficult to bond while art jamming

This is one of the misconceptions that is instilled in people’s heads about art jamming. Although participants will have to participate in coming up with their art, that doesn’t mean that you would not talk to your friends or ask them questions. You can do anything and everything including dancing to the music and no one will ever judge you. In art jamming, there will come a point where you will need help from each other. It is during that time that you will ask questions and even bond with others.

Music is a distraction

This is also the second misconception about art jamming. Although many people find music to be a distraction, the fact remains that music will always be a very important part of art jamming. Without the music, all art jamming workshops would be renames painting classes. Music is a very important part of art jamming as it helps in the stimulation of creativity and thinking. The kind of music being played at art jamming Singapore sessions are never distractive. They help you concentrate and feel good.