The fosilqq is one of Indonesia’s top online poker sites. Including games such as dominos, poker, baccarat, poker bookie, blackjack, among others, they might seem like a novice site, but they have been around for a long time. It is such a long time that you can only have a capital of 10,000 and still end up playing all these games and having a good chance at winning at almost all of them.


The website has the best online casino security that you’ve seen – almost like you’re at an off-line poker building. They manage to keep up with an online casino’s security without using any sorts of bots or hiring hackers that could make up for a potential threat to you.

To make you more comfortable, the site provides you with the best book gambling agents and applications that can be used and owned by all the players without being charged any extra fees. One of the most used casino websites of Indonesia is fosilqq, and rightfully so.


They make it super easy for you to transact money too. They support transactions from the most popular and local banks and give you the advantage of making electronic money transactions. They run for 24 hours a day and have become quite popular with people who often gamble.

The site is sought after by big players who participate in tournaments because it is easy for them to maneuver themselves through the site and the games provided. The webpage always has a 24-hour gaming solution for bettors who want to join. The service quality won’t ever let you down, even if you end up losing a game.

The latest online addition to the fosilqq will help you register for an account for free if you meet the given prerequisites. The PKV games online will always update the playing application to remain on the top quality gaming system.

The gambling agents also suggest downloading PKV games to enjoy the latest features such as deposits and withdrawals that come with the application and don’t have to do any extra work.


The site is so functional and advantageous to its players that it gives a 0.5% cash-back bonus every week to give you a chance to win playing online gambling. Another bonus that is given is the 20% referral bonus, which is valid for life. These referral bonuses allow you to get free chips when you invite friends or other people to play on the site.

In addition to providing games from which you can earn off money, the site also gives you the option of betting on sports. The online bookie is available for betting on sports or available 24/7, so you can contact them any time you want and place your bet – and watch as you win.

Sum up

Obviously, some games are prioritized by players over others, but almost all games are always full on the site, so you better hurry up before they close. Have fun!