Greenhouses are buildings made primarily of insulated fabric, such as glass that house plants requiring controlled environmental conditions. These buildings range in size from small shed to large industrial-size buildings. A small miniature greenhouse is termed a cold frame greenhouse.

There are two kinds of greenhouse available; the free-standing type and the attached type. The attached kind is usually placed on the ground, whereas the free-standing types can be erected in any convenient location. Both types protect from varying weather conditions and high temperatures.

There is no limitation to the type of climate that can be experienced inside a greenhouse; hence, the plants can be accustomed to the best of conditions all year long. However, if placed in areas having high changes in temperatures, a separate structure should be used as per the weather requirements.

The basic mechanism of working Greenhouses for sale is similar to that of a traditional greenhouse. A heater controls, the inside temperature of the greenhouse, and sunlight are emitted through special windows or skylights. If the temperature of the greenhouse rises, water droplets collect on the glass surface and the heat is absorbed by the water. The process continues till the required average temperatures are achieved.

Hot air can also come in contact with the glass surface and trigger convection, resulting in the evaporation of water and heating. Since there is no air movement in a greenhouse, the temperature inside it is stable. However, there are chances of over-heating in areas with uneven temperatures, leading to the growth of mildew and pests. To ensure that there is no buildup of mildew and pests, all insects should be removed from the vicinity of the greenhouse.

In case of over-heating, the greenhouse should be cooled down gradually. Greenhouses should only be cooled to below 40 degrees Celsius as overheating could lead to the damage of certain delicate plants. Plants tend to withstand warmer temperatures for a longer time, but this could result in uneven growth if the temperatures remain high. The greenhouse effect works only when the temperature outside the greenhouse remains constant.

These types of greenhouses are used when people are trying to start small organic farms or to raise crops that are highly sensitive to heat.

Carbon dioxide is believed to be the most important factor that leads to climate change. Greenhouse gases absorb carbon dioxide, which in turn leads to warming. Greenhouse gases also have a fertilizing effect on the soil and increase its fertility. If the temperature is kept constant, it would be difficult for the plants to absorb carbon dioxide, thus preventing climate change. Thereby, the greenhouse effect works to our advantage because it would be difficult for us to alter our wrong practices that are causing greenhouse gases.