Keeping your home comfortable through the year’s seasons is easier with the best thermostat. Apart from controlling the heating and cooling, the best thermostat also helps you to manage your bills. Skyrocketing energy bills, especially during the winter seasons, are common, an issue you can address by investing in a quality totaline thermostat. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or replacement, you’ll be spoilt of choice as you browse the extensive thermostats options in the market. As such, it helps if you are prepared. Here are some thermostat shopping tips that can help ensure that you pick the best.


Is the totaline thermostat compatible with your heating and cooling system? Establishing your system is the first step as you don’t want to spend your money on a thermostat that won’t work with your system. Is it central heat and air? Are you using an electric baseboard, heat pump, or wall furnace system? While compatibility won’t narrow down the options that much, you’ll be certain that the thermostat you buy won’t head back to the shop for return and exchanges as that can waste your time.

Know the difference

Thermostat technology, like any other field, is ever-evolving. Today, you’ll find various options offering different functionalities. Knowing the difference is arguably the most important part as you hit the market. The popular options are;


This is the most straightforward option. You have to manually adjust the thermostat as it doesn’t come with a range of features. Whether digital or analog, the option offers the most pocket-friendly solution.


The option is fairly basic but offers additional features that make temperature controls more manageable. You can program the thermostat in advance, meaning that it automatically adjusts to pre-selected temperatures. This means you can manage energy consumption as you set the temperatures during specific periods. For instance, instead of cranking the thermostat all the way up when you get home, you can program it to start warming the house a few hours before you arrive. This means the system won’t overwork, saving energy. Programmable thermostats are affordable, making them a go-to for many homeowners.

Smart thermostat

The smart option is a programmable version that connects to a network (WIFI). This means that you can remotely control the temperatures. For instance, if you won’t be coming home, you can remotely shut the system, saving more energy bills. Most options also come with smart capabilities, including smart home hubs that work with voice assistants. The smart capabilities mean that the thermostat can learn and automatically adjust following your heating and cooling preferences.

The power

How is the thermostat powered? Some options run on batteries, others plugged-in, while you’ll find thermostats that link to the furnace’s circuit board. Following your preferences and space, one can prove better than the other, making installation and use easier.


Are you concerned about the effect on your property’s aesthetics? Colors, shape, and style are among the design elements you can consider to ensure you pick an option that best matches your taste. Some features sophistication doubling as a decorative item, but you can also go for a basic look if aesthetics aren’t a concern.

Thermostat shopping can be tricky. Nonetheless, with the above pointers, you can comfortably browse through the options and pick a totaline thermostat that marks all items on your checklist.