Refurbishing an office is an exciting project that can significantly benefit your business. However, once the builders have left and the decorators have finished, there is still some work before your new-look office is ready. That’s where a snagging list comes in. A snagging list details minor issues you must address after completing a refurbishment or construction project. It ensures that you identify snags or defects so the contractors can fix them before you occupy the space. Almost every project will have a snagging list, so it is quite common, and you should expect minor issues in yours. Here are some of the items that you might want to consider including on your snagging list after an office refurbishment:

Painting & Decorating

Check for any unevenness or defects on the walls or ceiling. Ensure that the paintwork is completed to a high standard and that there are no drips or smudges. If you requested a specific colour scheme, ensure it has been correctly executed. Look for any missed spots or areas that have not been painted, and ensure there is no overspray on any fixtures or fittings.

Electrical Sockets and Switches

You must also check that all electrical sockets and switches are fitted correctly and securely and are functioning properly. Ensure they are all in the correct position and no exposed wires or loose connections exist. Test each socket to ensure that it is providing power as expected. However, if you suddenly decide that the sockets need relocating or you need more, the contractor will not do this on the snagging list, and it will be chargeable.


Ensure that all light fixtures are installed correctly in the requested positions and that each function correctly. Test that all the light switches work and ensure they are in the correct position, ensuring each bulb lights as you turn them on. Check that the lighting levels are sufficient and appropriate for each area and that any dimmer switches work as expected. But as with your electrical sockets, this will be chargeable if you need to move your lights or add more to your office space.

Plumbing & Sanitary Fixtures

Check all the plumbing and sanitary fixtures to ensure they are correctly installed and fully operational. Look for leaks or drips, and check the plumbing has sufficient water pressure. Test all the taps and showers to ensure that they function correctly and that the toilets are flushing correctly. If you find an issue, reputable companies like Workplace Interior Shop will send out an expert to fix it when you use their services to refurbish your office space. So, ensure you use a quality one for your refurbishment project.


Check the flooring for any signs of damage or unevenness and that the decorators have not gotten paint all over it. Ensure that it has been installed correctly and that no gaps or loose edges exist, and that it does not creak. If you install a carpet, ensure it is tightly fitted and has no loose areas or creases. You must ensure that when selecting the flooring for your office, it is hardwearing and suitable for how you use your working environment.