Get to understand the Kia Forte 2019 before going for 2020,Kia Forte. It is one with more improved technology than the Kia Forte 2018 with better fuel economy, which is part of the redesigning of the 2018 model. The following are some of the things you need to know about Kia Forte 2019

Styling that is inspired by stinger

Compared to the 2018 Kia Forte, 2019 has more heft when you check the back end., there are hood creases and other styling cues that are athletic. In its back, you will notice a shorter trunk that enhances it having a fastback appearance. Overall, it borrows a lot from the Stinger sports sedan, which is an approach working for compact Forte.

New transmission, the same engine

It has a 2.0 liter engine of 147 horsepower with a new transmission. The Kia developed for this particular model an intelligent variable transmission or the IVT. They had a plan of making the acceleration to be smoother and, at the same time, reducing the noise in the 2018 model.

Fuel economy boost

There is an improved fuel economy, which is a by-product of the new transmission. The 2019 model has 35 mpg that is combined in the LX trim. It is a representation of a three mpg jump over the 2018 model.  It made the Kia Forte 2019 the most compact class with a fuel efficiency beside Prius’s hybrid.

Stronger foundation, more space

The Kia Forte 2019 does not look very big, it gained about 32 inches in its length, bringing more legroom and more space to the trunk, which is about 151 cubic inches. It gained more headroom with a 0. 7 inches wider compared to 2018.

The Forte rigid foundation was made tougher with the 2019 Kia Forte as it features 54% steel that is high strength and seat frames. Projector and LED lights landed the 2019 edition with a safety award. It has advanced technology for crash prevention.

The tech upgrade

Because the interior tech is a selling point, which is significant for consumers of compact cars, then 2019 gives you more. On the Kia Forte 2019 front, there is an 8-inch touch screen, which is colored, apple carplay, and android auto standard. There is also a wireless charging tray with a 320 watt Harmon Cardon sound system that allows you to customize your interiors. With some smartphones, you can read the text and listen to it aloud via Bluetooth.

So if you are on a budget and yet in need of a Kia Forte, get the 2019 model to give you good value for your money. If the above doesn’t seem to attract you into buying the Forte 2019, then go for the 2020 Kia forte, which comes with added features that will make you enjoy your ride with your family as you go for road trips.

Your budget will determine which one you will get, whether you get a new Kia Forte or a used one. But either way, so long as you approach an excellent dealership, whether online or offline, you will get a quality vehicle.