If you have a building that was built before the year 2000, just know that the building may be having materials that contain asbestos. It is a requirement that you conduct an asbestos management survey for the sake of assessing the risk associated with asbestos and the state of the asbestos in the building. A survey is also very important as it will help you know how to stay safe while around the material. Property owners are required to update their asbestos survey London every year or annually following the new guidance, the new methodology, and according to the law.

What is the purpose of the asbestos management survey?

The main purpose of the asbestos management survey is to make sure that all property owners can know and manage the potential risks that can be caused by asbestos.

The basics purpose of the survey are

  • To help in the management of asbestos in your premises or your property
  • It is also very important in making sure that there is accurate information on the location, the condition, and the amount of asbestos-containing material in the building or property
  • An asbestos survey is also very important as it can help in the assessment of the level of damage as well as the level of deterioration in asbestos-containing materials. It is only after the survey that you will know and understand if remedial action is needed or not.
  • Asbestos survey management is also very important as it provides information enabling the preparation of the asbestos plan and asbestos register of the property in question.

When you are thinking of an asbestos survey, you should know that asbestos management is not for providing asbestos risk assessment before demolition work or before refurbishing. When you want to do demolition or refurbish your property, you will be needing as asbestos demolition or asbestos refurbishing carried out separately.

How asbestos management survey can be carried out

An asbestos management survey is always the main survey. Its main purpose is to make sure that an asbestos survey is carried out for the sake of locating, identifying asbestos-containing building material, and making sure that it is in the best state not to pose any health issues to those people who use the property or the building daily. Asbestos management survey involves minor disturbances as well as minor intrusive work. Therefore, it is safe for a building to be occupied during the asbestos management survey. During the asbestos management survey, you should expect a sampling of materials that are suspected to have asbestos substances in them. An asbestos management survey may also involve presuming the presence of asbestos in a building or a certain area of a building. The asbestos survey can be completed using a combination of analysis/sampling and presumption. In some instances, presumption only can also be very effective and sufficient. When doing the survey, all the areas in the building must be inspected and be surveyed well.