At land-based casinos, there is a large table of baccarat card game that has a space for approximately 12 to 14 players. That is called a standard baccarat game. A midi-baccarat the table has approximately 9 spaces while in a mini-baccarat, the table has 5 to 6 spaces for players. A mini-baccarat has the lowest stakes in the game, while a midi baccarat has the highest stakes at the tables. If you are a new player just learning how to play baccarat, a midi baccarat should be your choice as you will learn without losing much money. So, what makes the difference between them?

A Mini Baccarat

A mini baccarat บาคาร่าออนไลน์   allows players to play the game with the lowest stakes. The table of a mini baccarat has a space of up to 6 to 7 seats for players and has the smallest table within the casino. There are six areas on the mini baccarat table. There are chip stacks, a tie betting area, the shoe, commission boxes, a banker betting area, and a player betting area. In a mini baccarat, each player has three betting spaces in his seat.

There are white numbers for a tie betting, a yellow circle for the banker, and a red circle for the player. The croupier sits opposite of the players. There’s also a chip stack at the front, with a numbered area for keeping track of the money the player owes to the house. The downside of a mini baccarat is passing the shoe is never included, the player never touches the cards, and the banker is always the dealer.

A Midi Baccarat

A midi baccaratบาคาร่าออนไลน์  has a space of up to 9 seats and contains high stakes only. The outcomes in nidi baccarat are three, the player, the banker and a tie. Players are not given cards, but the four cards are dealt facing up at the front of the dealer.

The banker and the player hand are dealt with each two cards. When the card points to a total of 9, either the player hand or banker hand wins. If no 9, they either can draw a third card which gets dealt.

When the player has two cards and they total to more than 10, the second digit gets the value. In midi baccarat, there are three sets of cards. The face cards which consists of a ten, king, queen, and joker, have a value of zero. The aces card has a value of one. All the other cards 2 to 9 give the player a face value.


All new player tends to play mini and midi baccarat as they feel the two sets of baccarat gives me the way and idea to play the standard baccarat.  The rules of both mini and midi baccarat are almost the same, except for the table variations and the card variations. In mini baccarat, players are allowed to handle the cards while playing บาคาร่าออนไลน์