Like a follower of and author concerning the criminal law, this author frequently reports on strange criminal law tales in the Condition of Florida. Listed here are a couple of of my personal favorite vintage tales I must tell a broader world.

Oc. Florida: Veteran’s Day weekend, 2010, the Oc Sheriff’s Department grew to become a nationwide laughingstock if this was reported that sheriff deputies and people from the Florida Department of economic and Professional Regulation transported out a number of warrantless raids against local Orlando barbershops that made history for arresting 35 people on misdemeanor charges of “barbering with no license,” after getting spent several several weeks investigating the problem. A records check says within the last 10 years only three individuals the whole condition of Florida have been delivered to jail on such charges. Within the instant cases, most of the warrantless sweeps entailed officials swarming the barbershops which had children inside and putting the barbers in handcuffs and “perp walking” these to police vehicles. A minumum of one legal arrest is made when among the raids netted a barber by having an unlicensed hand gun. We learn further that the barbershops were within the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

This startling report makes a person question whether individuals neighborhoods are recognized for being hotbeds of “criminal barbering?”

New Port Richey, Florida: This strange story can also be from 2010. As numerous individuals know, “Four Loko” is really a caffeinated liquor. A Brand New Port Richey man drank four bottles after which continued a naked rampage. Police are convinced that the 21-year-old man ran barefooted from the back of his the place to find a home a couple of blocks away, smashed a sliding clear glass door and ransacked the house. He next required off his clothes, defecated on the ground and ripped the oven door off its hinges, based on Pasco County deputies. At another house a lady showed up home to obtain the naked man smeared with bloodstream, resting on her couch. She known as 911. Based on a study, when deputies showed up, the person allegedly stated: “Why shall we be held being arrested? I did not steal anything.” He was billed with two counts of burglary.

The headline for this little story might have read: “Loko Gone Loco.” It’s most likely best to steer clear of this harmful product.

Hernando City Jail, Florida: 2011. Strange unexpected things happen in prison. A jail inmate in Hernando County did not have sufficient honeybuns to repay a gambling debt and it was compensated served by a punch hard. The inmate accepted he lost a football bet having a fellow prisoner. The loser from the bet stated he visited bet winner’s cell to provide him the bear claws he owed him, but he was short four honeybuns. The bet champion wasn’t happy about being stiffed around the bet and punched the loser so difficult he needed to be hospitalized. Yes, the champion from the bet and also the puncher. was arrested on the battery charge.