No matter the project at hand, you need to have the right tools and materials. For construction projects, in particular, the right materials can be the difference between a good project and a bad one.

There are certain materials like plasterboard that are commonplace in renovations and construction projects. But there is a reason why going with the insulated variety makes the most sense.


At the top of the list of reasons to go with insulated plasterboard is the cost involved. Any project manager is looking to mitigate costs wherever possible, and that is precisely what can happen with insulated plasterboard.

Though the overall costs of plasterboard can change depending on the size of your project, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option while working on a budget. At roughly £52 per board and another £29 for a couple of bags of plasterboard adhesive, you can have all the materials that you need for the project.

It is a great way to keep your project’s overall costs down to a manageable level. Right there with project timelines, the budget is perhaps the most important part. Ensure that you have the right materials without breaking the bank.

Better Insulation and Wall Strength

Even if you ignore the cost factor of insulated plasterboard, there are a lot of benefits to be had. For starters, it can offer continuous insulation, which is one of the must-haves for properly insulating any kind of internal wall.

By going with this style of plasterboard, you can achieve continuous insulation over the studs without being inside the studs. This is done by minimising the number of connections to just a few at the most, limiting the possibility of airflow.

Better insulation can create greater efficiency, which can actually save you money in the long term. By investing in insulated plasterboard, you can start to see a difference in your energy bills.

Save Space

Space is premium, especially when it comes to thermal insulation. With thinner, insulated plasterboard, there is a reduction in heat loss without having to increase the use of space. Not to mention the fact that thicker insulation can wind up costing in other ways.

Insulated plasterboard can create a cost-effective means of filling that space while providing better insulation. See the difference on your next project and have a reliable option going forward.