Why is it necessary to have camera accessories tripod ? Tripods are known to be important for getting images that are quite sharp and you don’t have to settle for the cheaper ones if you are looking out for quality.

So what is the purpose of having a tripod? You could require it for some of the following reasons or all of them. They include:

  • Increase the depth and sharpness of the field in your images by ensuring the camera is kept still in environment with low light when utilizing slow shutter speeds.
  • For a heavy camera gears to be rested on such as the long telephoto lenses
  • Increasing the image qualities by keeping the ISO of the camera low.
  • By allowing composition which is careful while ensuring to frame the shot exactly the way you want it.
  • To shoot the panoramic and HDR shots which require an exact same precision and framing
  • To photograph objects at night such as the planets, the moon, the stars and the painting.
  • Do some self-portraits using the camera
  • Shooting extremely macro/close-ups (insects, flowers)
  • Holding various objects like reflectors, flashes
  • Shooting videos that are vibration free
  • Defending yourself

There are photographers who prefer using tripod because it allows them to keep the ISO of the camera as low as it could, which apart from keeping the amount of noises in the image to be on the minimum, but provides the highest dynamic range which the sensor of the camera can be able to capture. Additionally, a tripod can help in prospering framing of a subject, allowing capturing HDR and panoramic images.

There are at times situations where you have to use a tripod so that you slow down and blur the action such as when you are photographing waterfalls and streams. Thus, if you are into doing landscape photography, investing in a good tripod is a must in the field.

What is a tripod system?

The following parts are what constitute a tripod system referred to as camera accessories tripod:

  • Legs: They are made of basalt, aluminum, carbon fiber or steel
  • Head: It is the part which holds the digital camera or the lens. There are a variety of them with the most popular ones being the pan-tilt heads and the ball-heads.
  • Center column/center post: It is a separate leg which runs through the middle and allows further raising the tripod head.
  • Feet: A quality tripod will allow changing the tripod feet at the end of the legs for the outdoor and indoor use.

The cheapest tripods normally have legs with feet and head that is integrated and non-replaceable and at times, a center post. For the top quality tripods, they have a tripod system which is modular with replaceable feet, allowing attaching various tripod head as it doesn’t come with a head

Tripods are normally great and can give you various options to get a quality image. But there are some which also comewith their own disadvantages that you ought to know before investing in one.