Whether you are a freelancer or run a business, or you are lucky to work for an organization that allows you to work remotely, join the bandwagon. More than 4.3 million people work from home, and the ranks are still growing. If you are one of them, you understand that your work from home tech setup is essential. This is because having proper tools and technology accessible gives you a chance to remain productive and connected.

Let’s look at some of the things you need for productive working from home experience.

A laptop that is portable yet powerful

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is that you can work from any location provided there is an internet connection. You don’t have to be tied in one place with a desktop PC. Instead, purchase a lightweight and powerful laptop.

A huge display for multitasking

When it comes to working from home, it’s good to make sure you work on a larger display over 13 inches. This is a standard display on most portable laptops.

A mouse and keyboard that suits your hand

Laptop keyboards and trackpads are ideal if you work from a coffee shop. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time working, make sure you purchase a good mouse and keyboard. Your hands and wrists will appreciate it.

A dependable Wi-Fi router

If you intend to work from home, you don’t want to be tethered to the wall. So, make sure you purchase a quality Wi-Fi router that can cover your entire home with the fastest wireless connection. While it’s not the cheapest alternative, if you ever attempted to have a zoom conference with your crew over a poor signal, you will understand it’s worth the cost.

Smart speakers for your desk

Google’s home speaker and Amazon’s Echo speakers are commonplace in many homes. However, you can have them in your home office. Some ambient music will help you concentrate and get rid of noise from other parts of your home without using the headphones.

Airprint printer

If you hate plugging cords, then you should get an AirPrint printer. It’s not a must you attach the printer to your laptop. This means instead of fixing it on your desk, you can put it somewhere more convenient and less visible.

High-quality webcam to improve your looks

If you intend to spend a lot of time in video meetings, have a high-quality webcam. Many laptops have them fixed, but the external display might lack.

Headphones for the must-focus moments.

Headphones are useful for enjoying your music without disturbing others. They are ideal for better sound quality during zoom meetings. So, invest in high-quality headphones that offer the best all-around combination of comfort and sound quality.