While making a move from one house to another, or from an old office to a swanky new one, most people choose to hire movers and packers to help you with the humungous task of shifting. In your search for a great moving company, you’ll probably contact a few of them to get estimates. If you’re one among the many who struggle to understand the paperwork a moving company provides, then this is for you.

Estimates from the different moving companies in Toronto could all look different, but there are a few elements that should be on every estimate.

  1. The mover’s contact details

Moving companies in Toronto GTA must mention their full name, address and contact number so you know where to reach them. Any estimate without the mover’s contact details can be assumed to be the sign of a rogue company.

  1. Your personal information

Your full name and contact number must also be mentioned, along with any alternate contact details in case you are not available to receive the shipment at the new address.

  1. Shipping address

Make sure the origin as well as the destination addresses are correctly mentioned. Otherwise it could lead to unnecessary stress on moving day, not to mention additional charges.

  1. Hourly rates

In Canada, movers provide their quote based on the hours of service. While providing an estimate moving companies in Toronto must clearly mention the hourly rate and an approximate number of hours for which they will provide service. If the move is expected to take more than a day, the dates must also be specified.

  1. Inclusions Services and Extras

Most moving companies in Toronto GTA include a lot of the basic services in the hourly rate. The estimate must have an itemized inclusions list. It should also clearly state what factors can add to the extra charges. Some factors to watch out for in the included list and extra charges are as below:

  • Labor charges
  • Truck charges (depends on number and size)
  • Loading and unloading charges
  • Packaging material
  • Surcharges for higher floors / Availability of lifts
  • Packing/Unpacking assistance
  • Peak/off-peak time (weekends, summer)
  • Insurance
  1. Terms of payment

Some moving companies in Toronto request a non-refundable advance payment to confirm transportation of your consignment. If so, this is usually mentioned on the estimate, beside the approximate total.

After comparing a few estimates, when you finally make your decision on which of the moving companies in Toronto GTA to hire, you will usually be given a Bill of Lading. This Bill often contains the same details as the estimate and will clearly state the date and time of delivery, along with hourly rates and terms of payment.


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