Bridesmaids are typically the close friends or relatives of the bride at the wedding. Bridesmaid is a young woman who is there with the bride during her wedding to accompany her. Also, bridesmaid is some young unwed women of marriageable age group. The attire of bridesmaid is usually the same as all wear the same dress. The dresses wear by them are bridesmaid dresses.

Who pays for bridesmaid dresses?

Bridesmaid is expected to pay for their jewelry and other ornaments and accessories including bridesmaid dresses. But the bride will decide the color, style, design etc., for the dress. Also, the bride will decide the dress according to the price most relevant to the bridesmaid. It is okay to ask the bride if any of the bridesmaids will not be able to afford the cost of the dress so the bride will choose the dress as per the convenience of all the bridesmaid.

Tips to choose the best bridesmaid dress:-

  • It should be kept in mind that the dress of the bride will be the point of attraction and bridesmaid dress must be chosen more simple than that of the gown of the bride.
  • The dress must be decided according to the skin color, body shape, and features as well as hair color.
  • The weather must also be kept in mind and the dress must be decided on the basis of the weather.
  • Choose the dress whose cost is much more affordable and relevant as bridesmaid have to shop for jewelry, ornaments, accessories etc.
  • Shopping must be started many months prior to the wedding as choosing the best suitable dress for bridesmaid is really a time-consuming work. Also if needed, some alterations can be done to make the dress more suitable for the wedding.
  • The fabric must be chosen as per the comfort as the wedding will take a lot of time and wearing dresses with less-friendly fabric will make the bridesmaid uncomfortable throughout the wedding.
  • The ideas and opinions of maids must be considered and the dress must be chosen as per the comfort.
  • The bridesmaid must upfront to the bride if the dress is not as per the expectation.
  • The bride can deny the ideas of the bridesmaid politely and the bride must give her best to find the best fit and relevant dresses for the bridesmaid.
  • Asking the bridesmaid to shop or decide the price or taking the responsibility of dress will be a great idea as it will make the bride feel relief and the bridesmaid will also feel that they have some role to play in buying their clothes thus making them feel proud.

The bridesmaid dresses come in all the price ranges depending upon the color, fabric, design etc., and deciding such dress is really a hard task as the bridesmaid will also be there along with the bride thus the whole attention will also go towards the bridesmaid and thus the bridesmaid dress should be taken into a great consideration.