Have particular education personnel mentioned that the child was ineligible for special education, as they do not squeeze into among the 13 qualified groups? Does your son or daughter have Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) however, you were advised by school personnel that this doesn’t squeeze into the 13 qualified groups? Has your son or daughter been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and also you believe the kid has autism? This information will discuss the best way to figure out what group of classification that the child will get special education services under. By knowing these groups you are able to advocate for the one which meets your son or daughter’s needs.

People with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) claims that every child having a disability must get a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Also special education services to satisfy their own needs. Labels or classifications don’t determine, if your particular child is qualified for the special education service, though sometimes special education personnel behave like it will.


1. Autism: If you think that the child has autism ask special education personnel to give her / him, a childhood autism rating scale (CARS). The size is performed through the parent answering 13 questions regarding the youngster, along with a knowledgeable person giving a score towards the scale. The greater the amount the greater chance the child has autism. When the scale is positive bring your child to some specialized Doctor that are experts in autism.

Pervasive developmental disorder is around the Autism spectrum. Autism is among the qualified groups for special education services. So a young child with PDD is qualified for special education services underneath the group of autism.

2. OHI: For a kid to become qualified under this category usually requires some form of documentation in the child’s physician. Many kids with ADD and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder receive special education services under this category.

3. Mental Retardation: Based on IQ score children’s IQ score under 75 is regarded as within the mental retardation range. Be cautious in case your child’s IQ is common and reduces because they get older, this really is suggestive of an inappropriate education, not always mental retardation.

4. Emotional Disturbance (Erectile dysfunction): Many kids with autism are now being given an Erectile dysfunction label-Why? Because for me special education staff is unwilling to provide a child an autism label because of price of special education services. For a kid to really be Erectile dysfunction, they have to don’t have any other disability!

5. Deafness: This can be a total lack of hearing in most cases requires physician documentation.

6. Hearing Impairment: Not really a total lack of hearing as above!

7. Visual Impairment: Severe impairment not fixed by glasses or contacts.

8. Deaf-Blindness: Total lack of hearing and total lack of sight.

9. Specific Learning Disability (LD): Kids with studying difficulty despite appropriate instruction, math difficulty despite appropriate instruction, dyslexia, visual processing disorder, physical integration disorder (SID), auditory processing disorder, all qualify under LD.

10. Multiple Disabilities. Must include another disability as well as mental retardation.

11. Memory foam Impairment: A young child with Cerebral Palsy would qualify under this category.

12. Speech or Language Impairment. Includes delayed speech, communication disorder, language disorder for example dyslexia, receptive and significant language disorder etc.

13. Traumatic Brain Injuries: Any injuries towards the brain either at birth or once the child was older.

By comprehending the 13 groups and what’s needed for every one, you’ll be able to become an educated advocate for the child. Children who require special education services and don’t have them might have their lives destroyed forever!