Most of us love giving gifts to the people we love, especially during the festive season and other special days like birthdays and anniversaries. A good gift should excite the recipient beyond the moment he unstraps the ribbon, unwrapping the parcel. Of all the gifts that fall out of your comfort zone, photobooks will most likely inspire a feeling of awe in your recipient. A photo book is not an ordinary album you give to just anyone. The book is customized to trigger dear and personal memories for the recipient, depending on the relationship you share.

Therefore, before you think twice about gifting your beloved a photo book, consider the benefits of the personalized gift.

  •         A photo book can last a lifetime

While most gifts are likely to get worn out and outdated, a photo book can stay as new as it was on delivery day for several years to follow. Additionally, you will still have fun flipping through the picture-filled pages as you relive the moments through a fresh and vivid memory. The best part of such a gift is, you can pass it on to the next generation. As a result, several generations down the road, they may relate to what you did in your time and always have something to share about you.

  •         Simplicity and creativity

The most exciting part about designing a customized photo book is the creation process. Mixbook allows you to go wild with your imagination. Whether a simple or sophisticated layout, the app gives you the freedom to express your personality. If you wish to have an elaborate design, you may include handwritten texts and footnotes to express your feelings towards the recipient. However, if creativity is not your niche, you can use the app’s pre-set layouts.

  •         The book helps you relive your happy moments

Nothing brings back memories like visual images. Since we all love to reminisce about the good times, a photo book may be the perfect way to relive these special moments. For instance, when gifting your best friend a friendship photo book, you may want to include your milestones, from where your friendship started and how the relationship grew and matured to point of being best friends like you are currently. In addition, you may wish to include photos of your outings, trips, and other unique experiences you had together.

  •         Photo books are very thoughtful

Gifting your best friend or family member shows how thoughtful you are about them. It shows that you put so much effort into the creative process to give them something unique and special. Whether the theme is mother’s day or a birthday, a customized photo book shows your loved ones that you did not rush to get them a last-minute gift. Thus, the recipient will know that they were constantly in your thoughts.

  •         Photo books are original

Unlike gift cards or flowers, a personalized photo book cannot be replicated. No one else has the pictures you have in your phone’s gallery. Therefore, the photos you are likely to use in your photo book are original. Additionally, you will likely show up at your friend’s or mother’s birthday with a unique gift.

Gifting your beloved a customized photo book does not need inspiration. Make your recipient smile today with a customized book and help them relive the cherished memories.