Facebook, Instagram, and other big social media platforms have become heavily ad-focused. That is why advertisers need to be aware of ad fatigue which occurs when your audience sees your ad many times and becomes immune to it. As a result, they will stop paying attention to it and will not engage with it. This means that your advertising strategy significantly loses effectiveness.

In terms of marketing, you need to avoid exhausting your audience. Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can be managed within the Ad Manager interface. Here are some tips you can use for both platforms:

Set Frequency Limit

The advertising interface of Facebook has the Frequency metric meant to measure the frequency a person sees your ad. You must pay attention to this metric and limit to this will make sure every person in your audience does not see your ad too many times. Ideally, you want to set the frequency below 4.6. Any good provider of digital marketing services singapore will agree to this.

Change Up how your Ads Look

When launching an ad campaign, make several ad sets that look different and rotate through them to serve your audience a visually different ad. Try to do the rotation quarterly.

Update Content

Aside from changing the design of your ad, you must also change the content and the offer within the ad. Update your ad copy with a new sale or holiday-specific content. But, you can also refresh ad copy for general ads that are always running. Focus on testing various calls to action and headlines every month.

Add a New Audience to the Mix

You can also avoid ad fatigue with your current audience by adding a new audience to the mix. While the new audience can look like your current audience, it can be made up of various users who have similar online behaviors and interests.