Car transport services are the best way to avoid the hassles of self-driving and check-post clearance while transporting your car to a different state or city. The car transporting company takes care of your car and delivers it to you. So, you stay stress-free back at home. While relocating can be a scary experience, transporting your car for the first time can be scarier to find a trusted and reliable shipping company.

You can choose an enclosed carrier vehicle relocation service of Ship a Car, Inc to transport your car safely. With more than 30 years of experience and a widespread network of trusted shippers, they have expertized in shipping anything throughout the United States. Major review sites have marked them with a 5-star rating. They have expert freight professionals to assist you and have no up-front charges.

An enclosed carrier transport service uses an enclosed container to ship your car from one place to another. It is mostly preferred to protect your antique, highly prized, and expensive cars like racing cars, sports cars, and limousines cars with the best protection and high security. It costs you more to ship through an enclosed carrier as it ships only 1-2 cars per shipment.

Here are a few advantages of shipping your car through enclosed carrier transport type –

1. Weather Protection

One of the most important reasons for you to choose enclosed carrier transport is your car protection against any adverse weather conditions. The enclosed container, carrying your car, protects it from wind, rain, snow, and sun exposure.

2. Dust and debris Protection

The carrier travels along the highway with your car at high speed. Since your car is enclosed in a metal container, it is safe from dust and other external elements. Also, there is no chance that any small debris will hit your luxurious car.

3. Privacy

In case you do not want to reveal the customized design of your car as it travels along with the country, you can opt for the enclosed carrier transport type. Most people fear to display some specialized designs of their car.

4. Less car per shipment

An enclosed transport holds 1-2 cars per shipment which means the driver and the shipper can take better care of your car. During the transit period, there is only fewer stoppage, which implies better safety of your car.

5. Personalized updates

Generally, enclosed carrier transport is more expensive and the shipper provides some extra services like live updates about your car and personalized care. They keep on checking your car for any potential issues like leaks or damage.

6. Better straps

In an enclosed carrier transport, the shipping companies provide specially-designed straps that hold your car firmly from all angles. This gives more protection to your car against the road jerks throughout the trip.

7. Scratch-free delivery

Since the enclosed container is more spacious, there is no chance of getting scratched on your car during the loading and off-loading job.

8. Fastest delivery

An enclosed carrier transport type carries 1-2 cars per shipment. This means fewer stoppages and a direct route for the fastest delivery at your destination.