Criminal law is some rules that indicate those things the society disapproves. A criminal wrong is different from civil wrong. Precisely, a criminal wrong denotes an action that inexcusably and unacceptably threatens or causes harm to individuals or even the society. Criminal law concentrates on protecting society and discourage criminal functions, by imposing punishments on people performing these actions. It’s outstanding that Criminal law rules in Cyprus reflect to some great extend the primary concepts and major offenses from the British Common Law.

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The Criminal Code (Cap. 154) includes all of the primary offenses and criminal responsibilities. However, the Criminal Procedure Law (Cap. 155), regulates all of the matters associated with criminal proceedings. Precisely, the dwelling from the Criminal Procedure Law envisions to supply support to any or all significant provisions from the Metabolic rate from the Republic of Cyprus, the ecu Convention of Human Legal rights along with other worldwide agreements. This ensures the use of what the law states in a manner that protects the legal rights from the citizens and simultaneously isn’t stopping the security of people from criminal wrongs and also the conferment of justice.

Criminal Responsibility and Proceedings:

Before proceeding using the general criminal responsibility guidelines in Cyprus, it ought to be clarified that the individual younger than 10 can’t be held criminally responsible for any offense committed. Following a provisions from the Metabolic rate from the Republic of Cyprus, every person billed by having an offense is recognized as being innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, the prosecution must prove the accused person is guilty beyond any doubt. In other words, the responsibility of proof falls around the prosecution side. Additionally, it ought to be highlighted that criminal responsibility and/or sanctions are enforced only when there’s a obvious criminal intention.

Usually, the criminal prosecutions are implemented through the condition. Based on the Metabolic rate, the lawyer General from the Republic, who’s a completely independent officer from the government, may institute, conduct, dominate, continue and discontinue any proceedings to have an offense against anyone within the Republic of Cyprus. In addition, law enforcement may institute proceedings with the District Divisional Commander from the Police in line with the provisions from the Police Law (Cap. 285). These cases generally have an open element and they’re always underneath the supervision of Attorney General.

Precisely, in Cyprus, criminal justice is enforced by:

District Courts

Assize Court

Top Court of Cyprus

There’s a large spectrum of functions define a criminal wrong and therefore are punishable within the Republic of Cyprus, a number of them are highlighted below:

Violent crime


Sexual assault


Drug trafficking and possession

Fraud and cash washing

Driving under the influence along with other traffic offenses


Punishments are defined in line with the harshness of the crime committed. Some striking types of punishment are:


Suspended sentence

Home jail time


Jail time.

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