The Video entertainment sector has not been left behind in technological advancement. Gone are the days when one could have to travel just to avail him or herself into a video show. A few nowadays can go to buy movie DVDs in shops. Movies have been made available online regardless of your position as long as you can afford internet connectivity. No longer do people pile used DVDs in their movie racks, wasting space, but just get them online. Today, streaming movies online has become as common as breathing. Research shows movie streaming is as addictive as nicotine. In this article, 3 top benefits ofดูหนังออนไลน์ Online will be highlighted, namely;

  1. Time-saving
  2. Cost-saving
  3. Convenience

Time Saving Factor

“2 days remaining” is a pissing statement we get as people who like downloading movies to view offline.  Network connectivity speed is usually pissing. Sometimes, especially in Wi-Fi, the user load may increase decreasing its speed. This will lower download speed and it’s not a surprise for a movie to fail in its 99% complete. But streaming this movie online will be more effective since you don’t have to wait till it downloads. Suppose a movie is 2 hours long. Download time is 1 hour. Watching it offline will cost you 3 hours while streaming it will save you one hour which you can use productively.

Cost Saving

It is too costly to watch movies offline. To watch the movie offline, you must have a subscribed TV, or else a smartphone or laptop with high storage space for saving the movie. You might need high storage flash disks and DVDs of which you can’t obtain for free. But happy is the online streamers for they will watch for free. You only need an internet connection and boom! You’re eligible to watch. Saving time and money at the same time!


Time and money might sound to be the only chief benefits of streaming movies online, but what about the convenience? Remember those days when you could watch movies from TVs, run by DVDs. Is there any smartphone that can accept DVD? The reason behind offline movie watching, however, with the live stream or just direct streaming, it doesn’t care whether you’re using a smart TV, Android, or iPhone. Only make sure you have internet. Isn’t this sweet to you? Watching movies online allows you to watch what you want, not what they want as in the case of TV programs.


Streaming movies online can’t be left unmentioned when we are addressing technological development in the entertainment industries. The fact that movie enthusiasts save time to do a more productive role in society ranks this incurred benefit high. Saving money that could be used to buy storage devices, fare to movie sellers, etc. is an appreciable advantage.

 But its convenience is something to smile about since not all who can afford TVs, laptops, or android phones. But having either of them, you’re in a safe place to watch movies online.