Proposing your love has to be special, and you need to find the biggest, stunning ring that your money can buy. Most girls have the desire of being proposed in the most romantic and elaborate way possible, and no matter the thought behind other arrangements, the ring has to match your love and her expectations. There are just too many suggestions out there, but if you are buying a proposal ring in Singapore, we recommend that you check the 10 tips listed below.

  • Be specific with your budget. If you haven’t decided on the budget as yet, that’s a good place to start. Find what you can afford at best, and select a ring that doesn’t require you to take a long.
  • Don’t stick to just diamonds. While a diamond is definitely forever, you can always consider other gemstones, like emeralds and sapphires. The ring’s design and your personal choice are pointers to remember.
  • Find more on her personal choices. Keep in mind that some women just have a liking for certain kinds of rings, so if you don’t know yet, ask her friends. Buy something she is more likely to flaunt.
  • Maintenance does matter. Engagement rings are meant to be worn on a regular basis, so the design of the ring has to be low maintenance. Don’t buy something that has to be locked up in a safe.
  • Check the basics about diamonds. There are four Cs that matter for selecting a diamond ring – cut, carat, clarity and color. If you are unsure of how to evaluate diamonds, these pointers can help.

  • Do buy from a known store. Selecting a jewelry store is probably the most critical aspect of buying a proposal ring, so don’t compromise on that aspect. Buy from a jeweler you can rely on.
  • Find more on certification. Diamonds have to be certified and graded – period. Think of this as an investment, no matter the price, and ensure that you have a certificate for the same with the bill.
  • Select the right metal. Yellow gold is always a great choice for proposal rings, you can also consider platinum. Another great choice is rose gold. Diamond jewelry is always made in 18k gold.
  • Don’t shy away from experimenting. You don’t want to go for the same old-school designs for your proposal ring. If a style appeals to your personal taste, consider buying that, because there are no dos and don’ts.

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